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Magic Bus has run successful programmes in India since 1999 working in both urban and rural areas across 22 states. Today Magic Bus reaches 360,000 children through sessions delivered by 8,500 Community Youth Leaders.


 Magic Bus launched a pilot programme in the London Borough of Lambeth in January 2015. The decision to start working with children in the UK was driven by the organisation identifying substantial need here for sports development programmes that drive social-emotional outcomes within disadvantaged communities. There has also been strong demand from UK stakeholders for Magic Bus to tailor our specialist expertise and delivery methods to the UK context.


In our weekly sessions coaches mentor young people and enable them to build their social and emotional skills through active learning using a variety of sports and activities. Young people we work with become more aware of themselves, their actions and their emotions. This builds participants’ resilience and is critical to young people developing positive wellbeing and mental health.


 Our approach focuses on making our sessions fun and interactive. Young people also experience increased self-confidence and better physical health by playing a wide range of sports and activities with Magic Bus.




Primary School Programme – during the pilot, we aimed to reach 300 pupils aged 7-11 years in two local primary schools. Magic Bus delivers PE lessons using multi sports and activities to facilitate social and emotional learning in addition to the active physical benefits of the sessions. Pupils become more aware of themselves, others and their environment, which leads to improved wellbeing, health and resilience.



Following the success of the 2015 pilot, Magic Bus has expanded the programme and is now reaching 456 children in four Lambeth primary schools.




If you would like to learn more about the Magic Bus UK programme, please contact Priyanka Sharma, Programme Development Mananger, on or 020 7922 7717.



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