Magic Bus & Nottingham University Training Partnership

Since 2015, Magic Bus has worked with the University of Nottingham to teach student volunteers all about Magic Bus’ special curriculum and methodology, so that they can run their own Magic Bus sessions at schools in and around Nottingham. The latest round of training finished in November and Magic Bus UK’s Jenson Rajkumar was on-hand to give support:


The 6 day training for our Magic Bus UK Program, in partnership with The University of Nottingham (UoN) Sport, concluded on Monday, November 27. This program, funded by Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, is one among the many initiatives taken by the UoN Youth Leadership Academy, which gives opportunities for student volunteers to use sports as a tool to gain valuable leadership skills and to make a change in the lives of youth within various communities in the Nottinghamshire area.


The training was delivered by Subhomoy Bhaduri, head of training at Magic Bus India, and Lawrence Cruz, also from Magic Bus India. Also present was I, Jenson Rajkumar from Magic Bus UK, while the team at UoN was led by Jack Kavanagh, UoN Sport Volunteer Officer. Altogether 15 students attended the training.


In its 3rd year, this program uses the Magic Bus Activity Based Curriculum (ABC), which follows the Sport for Development (S4D) methodology, to deliver sessions in 3 Primary Schools in Nottingham. All these schools are selected via the Widening Participation team, which only work with schools who hit certain criteria such as percentage of free school meals, low socio-economic status etc. All the sessions are delivered by the aforementioned Magic Bus trained student volunteers of UoN.


Day 1 was a brief meet up and introduction of all the student volunteers, 8 of whom are new to the program while 7 have already attended the previous training in February, 2017.


Day 2 was a session visit to St. Patrick’s Catholic Voluntary Academy in Wilford, Nottingham. 4 student volunteers, Grace, Phoebe, Hannah and Matt, delivered a session each for the Year 5 and Year 6 students. This was an opportunity for the team from India about the similarities and differences between the schools as well the delivery of sessions in India and the UK.


Days 3 to 5 involved various discussions as well as session deliveries based on the 5 Magic Bus Principles (5 Pillars of Magic Bus) of Joyful Learning, Participation, Experiential Learning, Safe Environment and the concept of a Mentor. As the sessions went on, every student got opportunities to partake in as well as lead the session deliveries based on the Magic Bus ABC.


The training concluded with few sessions by Jack on the topic of Child Safeguarding along with the dos and the don’ts while working with children.

All in all, it gave ample opportunities for the students at UoN, Magic Bus and everybody involved an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children, the community and ourselves. It also reminded us about the power of sport and how it can be used as a tool for social development as well as empowerment.

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