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Magic Bus UK - taking a million from childhood to livelihood

Magic Bus enables some of the world's poorest families to move out of poverty. Through the use of a mentoring model and a sport-based curriculum, it engages children and ensures that they make the right choices so that they have a constructive journey from childhood all the way through towards better and dignified livelihoods as adults.


As a result, children emerge from the Magic Bus programme as adults who have more control and choice in their lives and who contribute confidently and constructively to a better society. The young people who mentor them move into respectable livelihoods, continuing to function as role models in their communities.


Magic Bus currently supports over 250,000 children and 6,500 young people across 18 states in India and our mission is to reach one million children a year by 2016.



28 August 2014

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28 August 2014

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